Powering Estimate

An initial power requirement estimate is made for the design based on Figure 11 in the paper "The Strike Aircraft Carrier: Considerations in the Selection of her size and Principal Design Characteristics" presented in the 1966 Transactions of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers.  The paper indicates that this figure was developed from data on existing vessels listed in Janes Fighting Ships showing installed propulsion power versus Displacement with lines of constant  Design  Speed, as shown below.


Using this figure, an estimate of the ship's Full Load Displacement, and the desired Design Speed, an initial estimate of Required Installed Power can be made.

Currently I am also working to also incorporate the resistance and power estimating methodology based on the Fung & Liebman method that I have used for estimating power requirements for surface combatants.  Further info on this Fung & Liebman method can be found here - Resistance & Powering .

For the Fung & Liebman method an estimate of the vessel's wetted surface area is required.  This is estimated using a figure and equation developed for the Taylor series of hullforms.  In this method;

Wetted Surface Area = C / 5.916 * ( Lpp * Vol ) ^ 0.5

Where C is determined from the Figure below, based on the vessel's Bwl/T ratio and its midship section coefficient (Cm).


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