Ideas for Future Development Sheet

Currently I have recently finished a first cut at some rudimentary spreadsheets for automating some of the calculations outlined within this website. These spreadsheets include;
  • preliminary sizing calcs,
  • hullform coefficient estimations,
  • preliminary weights estimation,
  • speed/power estimation,
  • area/volume estimation, 
  • initial hullform geometry estimate, and
  • cost estimating routines.
Eventually I also hope to eventually include;
  • preliminary seakeeping assessment information, and
  • preliminary stability assessments
In addition to this I am also currently doing a more indepth review of some of my raw data in the hopes of cleaning it up and perhaps trying to better develop methods for the estimation of some of the major weight groups, etc.  One specific concept that I am considering is to try and develop some form of "hullform parameter" that might better address differences in the layout of different ship designs to allow the user to assess the impacts of superstructure size and construction materials, etc.  Unfortunately currently, in using cubic number as the ordinate in many of my weight estimating graphs, things like superstructure size and construction material type get kind of lost in the spread of data.  By developing a new parameter (perhaps similar in concept to the "hull equipment numeral" discussed in D.G.M. Watson's book "Practical Ship Design" (Ref 10)) it may be possible to better correlate things such as total structure weight and costs to this value rather than relying on a term like cubic number which relies solely on a vessels length, beam and depth.  Unfortunately such an effort will take some time to implement and as such is likely more of a "far term" concept for future development.