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Downloads & Samples

This section will eventually contain spreadsheets for download summarizing the calcs outlined within this website and data on sample vessels that have been developed or approximated using the data provided on this site.

Currently I have developed a:

  • A Spreadsheet for Aircraft Carrier Design.

  • Pre-Processor Spreadsheet for estimating primary dimensions based on the defining the principle mission payload of the vessel.

  • The Main Calcs and Weight Iteration Spreadsheet.

  • A Post-Processor Spreadheet that can be used to develop a rough prelimary hullform for a vessel.

  • A Post-Processor Spreadsheet for estimating enclosed volume requirements.

Finally, I have also included a link to a spreadsheet that I have put togethe to assist in doing resistance calcs based on the Fung & Leibmann resistance estimating routine (the F&L2 method) that I describe elsewhere on this website, located at the link below.

Additionally, many of the above spreadsheets make use of an external Excel Add-In called XLXTR, which can be found at this link.