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Downloads & Samples

This section will eventually contain spreadsheets for download summarizing the calcs outlined within this website and data on sample vessels that have been developed or approximated using the data provided on this site.

Currently I have developed a:

  • Pre-Processor Spreadsheet for estimating primary dimensions based on the defining the principle mission payload of the vessel.  It is currently located off-site at the link below (where I used to have most of this website located - though eventually I hope to relocate it to this new location with the rst of this website). 


  • The Main Calcs and Weight Iteration Spreadsheet located at the link below.


  • A Post-Processor Spreadheet that can be used to develop a rough prelimary hullform for a vessel, located at the link below.


  • A Post-Processor Spreadsheet for estimating enclosed volume requirements, located at the link below.


Additionally, I have also put together some really rough summaries of some of these spreadsheets, including an overview of trying to develop a notional early 1960's guided missile ship.  Eventually, I hope to clean these rough documents up into a set of User's Guides for these spreadsheets, but right now they are still very rough.  I have included links for them below for reference.




Finally, I have also included a link to a spreadsheet that I have put togethe to assist in doing resistance calcs based on the Fung & Leibmann resistance estimating routine (the F&L2 method) that I describe elsewhere on this website, located at the link below. 


Please note that initially several of these spreadsheets made use of an add-in for MicroSoft Excel called XLXTR. (which can be found here). However, it has been found that this add-in does not appear to be compatable with newer (64-bit) versions of Excel.  As such, these spreadsheets are currently being revised to use a similar, though different add-in called the SRS1 Cubic Spline for Excel (which can be found here).  I have started the conversion process and hope to have all spreadsheets converted over sometime soon.