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Welcome to the Modern Naval Vessel Design Evaluation Tool website. 

The intent of this site is to serve as a repository of information on naval architectural data and tools, for students and those interested in ship design.  Currently the primary focus of this website is Post WWII surface warships and Aircraft Carrying type ships, but in the future I hope to expand to include other additional types of vessels.

Often during early stage ship design, a naval architect may make use of graphs, curves, charts, equations and/or algorithims to help  estimate the characteristics of a proposed design.  There are many well regarded naval architectural refefence books, articles, papers, and theses available which summarize many of these estimation techniques.  However, often there can be multiple different potential equations or algortithms available for estimating certain aspects of a design and it is not always  easy to assess  which method may be most applicable to a specific type of vessel.

As such, an initial primary focus of this website will be to summarize data that I have collected on modern ship designs, including such things as;
Next, I hope to show how well this data fits some of available estimating technics (such as graphs, curves, charts, equations and/or algorithms) in order to provide insight to the user on which estimating technics might best be suited for use when designing a given ship type.

From this I then hope to develop some simple spreadsheets that will allow a user to;

And finally, I hope to develop an overarching method for tying many of these tools together to allow a user to attempt to investigate the design of both existing and conceptual ship designs at a high level to help assess the potential "feasibility" of a design, based on a user's input assumptions made.

Disclaimer: I've collected all the data discussed on these pages from open/public domain sources over a 34+ year period.  Some of the discussion contained on these pages are my best interpretation of this data and I hope what I have posted is correct, but I can't guarantee its accuracy, so please proceed with caution with everything you might see on these pages.

Notes: This website has been developed with a number of low cost or free programs including Hot Metal Pro, KompoZer and Da Button Factory.com

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