Over the years I've also been collecting data on modern (post WWII) aircraft carrier designs as well and based on this data, in combination with the data that I have also collected on surface combatants, I have put together a spreadsheet for developing early stage notional designs for aircraft carriers.

Much of the weight data that I have used comes from Dr. Norman Freidman's book on "US Aircraft Carriers" general internet searches and as well as some of the MIT Theses that I have referenced for  Surface Combatants.

In general this spreadsheet is set up somewhat similar to the spreadsheets that I am developing for modern durface combatants, though here I am trying to put as much as I can into a single spreadsheet rather than having separate workbooks for pre-processing, doing the main calculations, and post-processing.

A link to the latest version of this spreadsheet can be found at this link.

General Spreadsheet Layout

In general the spreadsheet is set up as follows (please click links below for more info on each section):

In addition;
  • any LtGreen shaded cells are items where the spreadsheet will make an estimate,
  • any LtBlue shaded cells are items are items where the user can over ride this suggested value are identified,
  • any LtYellow shaded cells represent the results of calcs which have been repeated again for reference, and
  • any BrightYellow shaded cells are typically data used in the calcs that may still need to be verified.

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